Class Overview

The graduating class is a gentle preparation for their next schooling experience. Children are encouraged to learn through experimentation and life skills. Teachers use inquiry-based learning as a key method. Children are encouraged to interact with their peers as well as with their teachers and teachers encourage self-expression.  An emphasis on arts, crafts, music and sports is an important part of this group. Children also engage in projects that create a culture of compassion that build upon social and emotional skills.  Daily outdoor activities, outdoor learning field trips and learning in a natural environment are integral part of their curriculum.

Age Group
4 - 5 years old

Our Teachers are






Play based with Reggio Emilia inspired approaches is an inspiring approach to early childhood education. Embracing the TGT values of accessibility and openness, we want to make first-class early childhood education available to all. Our curriculum aims to see each child individually with its own personal learning styles. We nurture the children holistically so that they are confident; have strong social skills and good foundation in literacy and numeracy. This will lay the foundation for their future learning and facilitate their transition to primary school.

What The Parents Say

Teaching Methods

Setting childen up for success in life with proven methods

  • Long term play, creativity and imagination.
  • Freedom to experiment, move, build and fail.
  • Inquiry-based learning as a key method.
  • Encouragement to interaction and self-expression.
  • Emphasis on arts, crafts, music and sports.
  • Culture of compassion: social and emotional skills.
  • Daily outdoor activities and nature as part of learning.