A Home Away From Home

Our Nursery School

Our approach to learning and teaching is through child-centered play and through Reggio Emilia inspired approaches. At the very core of the Reggio Approach is the concept of wonder. Wonder as an act that begins the process of learning and wonder as an integral quality within all children. We view children as natural scientists; driven by curiosity, with tremendous observational skills and an ability to form strong theories about the world around them. We have a fully equipped nursery for children to explore. At The Giving Tree, we combine playful curiosity and the freedom for exploring with deep scientific understanding about how children learn. Children are hardwired to learn through play. Numerous studies show that children who learn through inquiry and play go on to succeed academically.


We plant the seeds for early learning by focusing on each child’s individual needs


We have thoroughly planned an entertaining and nurturing play-centered environment.


We provide a secure and comfortable place where children grow happily and healthily


Our teachers are fully committed professionals, devoted in children’s education and well-being

Play Areas

Our facilities enable us to offer our students a variety of activities either indoors or outdoors


We value, appreciate and encourage productive communication between parents and the school

Our Teachers

The founder of The Giving Tree, Melanie Pappas Lemona, is an experienced child developmental psychologist having international experience for over a decade in paedological approaches, curriculum development, and student support.

A highly experienced faculty trained in the TGT philosophy and have early childhood education works with children individually and in groups fostering creative expression and academic development. We understand the importance of hiring experienced, highly educated, caring and responsible teachers for our nursery school. Our teachers are passionate about nurturing young minds. They engage children in learning through quality interactions and create a safe, caring and respectful learning environment.

Classroom Facilities

Every child has the profound right to grow and learn in a stress-free environment that brings joy. We believe in recognizing each child holistically, and aim to educate socially, emotionally and academically confident, capable children. Our goal is to provide a place where children learn the wonders of the world and teachers prepare the next generation for future success. The Giving Tree’s colourful facilities include comfortable classrooms equipped with kid-friendly furniture, age appropriate toys and learning material for exploration and discovery. Our premises also include natural outdoor play places.

What The Parents Say

At The Giving Tree, we consider socialization between students an important aspect of the pre-school education process. It is important that they learn together, and a culture is created of equality and mutual respect between all people. This includes our families as well as our students. We encourage team play, development of social skills, respect for others, positive peer interactions thus creating a sense of community. Our focus is to secure the foundation for future learning, instilling a love for knowledge and a pride in team effort.

We believe children learn best in a well-organized environment that emphasizes in creative expression, provides opportunities for play and encourages critical thinking. Our students are active, engaged participants in classes where they energetically develop their own thoughts and minds. This develops a strong base for future learning and stimulates children’s innate curiosity.

Our excellent nutritionally balanced menu is changed regularly to encourage a varied diet and is approved by a pediatric dietitian. Our wholesome and hearty meals are cooked on site and delivered to the children with love and care making sure they feel they are having a warm meal from their own home. Meals are always accompanied with fresh fruit and vegetables or vegetables from their own organic vegetable garden.

Our Rooms & Classes

18 - 24 months old


Toys, colors, patterns and movement activities!

3 - 4 years old


Experiment, build and fail!

5 - 6 years old


Project Based Learning

2 - 3 years old


Science, music and art are a game!

4 - 5 years old


Learn essential life skills through experimentation