Afternoon Club

With a wide range of activities including robotics, science, musical theatre, football, arts and crafts, farm school, cooking, Greek, upcycling, yoga, imaginative play and physical activities, our staff will engage with your children through fun, natural and creative approaches .

Farm School

The Giving Tree would like to develop a generation of adventurous and conscious eaters by working closely with them through our farm school. Kids learn something very important when they grow a tomato themselves, or they eat one for lunch that was grown by a farmer they’ve met: They learn where food comes from. In our current out-of-sight food system, it’s easy to believe that food comes from the store. Caring for a plant for weeks, waiting to eat the literal fruits of their labors, students learn that producing food is hard work. And a field trip to a farm or a taste test served by a farmer shows students there is a face behind their food, and there is land in their community that helps sustain them. Farm School is a movement for children to understand the following:

  • Growing vegetables and fruits in our own greenhouse
  • How to make healthy choices for themselves
  • Tasting local foods, fruits and vegetables
  • Growing an edible school garden
  • Gardening and nutrition in our curriculum
  • In class food prep
  • Taste Tests
  • Parent and student workshops about food and nutrition
  • Field trips to farms and garden communities

Breakfast Club

(Saturday Morning Graduate Program)

Our Breakfast Club was created for our Giving Tree students as a social meeting point to continue the friendships that our students have made while they were at The Giving Tree, to engage in activities that they continue to love, to continue to practice their English language skills, and most importantly to enjoy a wonderful morning program as a family allowing them to be creative, responsible and feel at home.

Breakfast Club is also important for the well being of our children as well as parents. As a working parent we understand the struggles of juggling work and then all our children’s after school clubs. Once homework kicks in it seems like every afternoon is wasted running from one activity to another and trying to fit in homework in between which ends up not being enjoyable for our children and very stressful for parents. Our children’s recreational activities should be an outlet where they enjoy and not feel rushed, where they are allowed to be creative and not forced. For all these reasons, the Breakfast Club was created and offers a full Saturday morning program from 09:00-14:00pm where children can relax and really enjoy their passions and parents can enjoy a morning where they are not rushed:)

As we like to treat your children as little adults at this stage and allow them to choose their own activities as electives we give them the opportunity to do so. They are also able to join for the whole day if it pleases them. Children will have the freedom to move independently to their activities but also use the library if they would like to read or other outdoor spaces to enjoy our premises such as our greenhouse, garden and farm.
Examples of our Saturday activities are:

  • Archery
  • Robotics
  • Comic Art Drawing
  • Animation
  • Brain Meditation
  • Fashion Design
  • Masterkids
  • Musical Theatre


MasterKids is a dynamic learning program providing activities in technology, electronics, robotics, science, and digital multimedia. Combining art, technology, and creative content. MasterKids aims to provide meaningful learning experiences for children ages 3-14 years through experimentation, science and technology. Students are also exposed to a fascinating Animal Discovery program where they learn fun facts about unusual animals and then have the opportunity to see and handle them up close and personal. A highlight for ALL our students whether it is an exotic iguana, slithering python or a spiky hedgehog.

Summer School

We offer a very exciting Summer School program that focuses on topics that children love. This includes swimming, cooking, kayaking, hiking, Zumba dancing, sports.  Children engage in a dynamic program with extending learning experiences that may include camping or night time adventures.

Our Values


We plant the seeds for early learning by focusing on each child’s individual needs


Our teachers are fully committed professionals, devoted in children’s education and well-being


We have thoroughly planned an entertaining and nurturing play-centered environment.

Play Areas

Our facilities enable us to offer our students a variety of activities either indoors or outdoors.


We provide a secure and comfortable place where children grow happily and healthily


We value, appreciate and encourage productive communication between parents and the school.